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The importance of selenium for NZ infertility patients

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

It’s a known fact that New Zealand soils are seriously deficient in selenium, a trace mineral our bodies need. When I went to see a fertility naturopath, she immediately put me on a bunch of supplements including Vitamin E with Selenium. Apparently eating two Brazil nuts per day will provide you with enough Selenium, so it’s considered generally sensible advice to either eat those or take a supplement.

Here’s another angle on the selenium connection from a kiwi woman from a farming family:

I have had a couple of people PM me about using selenium and I thought others may be interested.

Firstly I make no promises, this is completely unscientific and I dont want to give people false hope.

We are described as unexplained infertility. Our fertility specialist has always said there is no medical reason why we cant conceive naturally. Of course 5 years later, 6 IVFs and lots of heartache you stop believing this. Though we did manage 3 pregnancies that ended in miscarriages following IVFs.

So a few months ago after our last miscarriage my mother sat me down and said I needed to take selenium. I am not one to take things without good reason so rolled my eyes and said ‘yeah yeah thanks mum’. However she told me a story about how 20 years ago on her sheep farm she was told to put selenium on her pastures. (My mother farmed for years on her own after my father died so everyone was keen to tell her what she should do). She says that as a direct result of that her lambing percentages increased by up to 15%. There is plenty of research out there to say NZ soils are selenium deficient and selenium assists in animal health and fertility. Anyway I did some research about selenium assisting human fertility and couldnt find anything other than assisting in male fertility (which has never been a problem for us).

Anyway we both started taking it (I thought we had nothing to lose) and the rest is history. We were about to start our 7th and last IVF, and had our names on the egg donor list when I discovered I was pregnant….naturally. Unbeleivable. Never before had this happened. And touch wood it is still going okay.

So read into this what you want. Who knows if the selenium was the factor that changed things. It might be just luck!

Interestingly since we have started to tell some of our farming friends about our pregnancy we have had a few tell us about how they use selenium for their animals’ fertiltiy.

I suggest if anyone wants to take selenium you should check with your fertility specialist (I didn’t, but then I never thought it would work either). I have since mentioned to my fertility specialist, fertility nurses, midwife and obs and all have given me that ‘yes well we’ll let you believe that’ look! There being no research doesn’t help but who knows…worth a try anyway.

We took 100mcg of Red Seal Selenium ACE purchased from the supermarket for about $12 for 40 tabs and took one a day each. Just a note of warning that selenium is very poisonous if you take too much.

Interesting, huh? Food for thought – and possibly food for fertility!

We all know there are no silver bullets in this game, but it many ways it’s about trying to get all the stars aligned so we have the best possible chance. So, here’s one more star that couples struggling with infertility might bring into alignment to see if it helps eliminate one more obstacle. Another for the “won’t hurt, might help” file.