The Biological Clock: Cool interactive tool from Fertility Associates

Wondering how much time you have left to dilly-dally before seeking treatment? Fertility Associates has just put out a very cool, interactive ‘Biological Clock’ to show you the odds of getting pregnant naturally vs. IVF at your age and beyond, and how long you should wait before seeking treatment depending on your age and how long you’ve been trying.

Of course, the odds vary a lot depending on your specific diagnosis. If you have blocked tubes or serious male factor infertility, then there’s no point trying naturally at all. If you’ve got high FSH, low AMH or diminished ovarian reserve (DOR), step on the gas sooner rather than later!

My own experience is that if there’s a little voice inside your head wondering if you need some help to get pregnant, listen to that voice sooner rather than later! Don’t let precious time tick by; don’t put up with a laissez-faire attitude from your GP or OB; if you need to, find a few $$ and book yourself a private consultation with a fertility clinic. It doesn’t rule you out for public funding if you do need it.

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