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Kia ora tatou – welcome to Infertility Info for Kiwis

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

This site is for couples and singles struggling with infertility, especially those in my home, Aotearoa New Zealand.

Maybe you have been trying to conceive (ttc) naturally for a while and want to improve your odds; maybe you are trying alternative medicines such as acupuncture and naturopathy; maybe you are seeing a specialist and dealing with the IUI or IVF rollercoaster. Whatever your story, welcome to the site! 🙂

Just a disclaimer: I have put this site together as a patient who has gone through the struggle and learned a lot along the way, not as a specialist or doctor. Having said that, I do have a background in science and a Ph.D., so I know how to evaluate research and talk to my doctor about it as an equal.

I know, being an educated Pakeha (white) chick with a background like that makes it easier for me than for so many of my fellow ttc-ers. That is a huge privilege, and I wanted to use it for good. What I’m trying to do here is get rid of the technical jargon and help you understand what I did, but in plain language, so you can work with a specialist as genuine partners.

This site is not intended to substitute for medical advice. Rather, it is intended to help you ask good questions and have fruitful discussions with your healthcare practitioner(s) so that you can be a more active partner in decisions that affect your life and your family.

Knowledge is power!!

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